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Smooth, even if you’re not

Maxisil provides premium silicone, tools and accessories for tiling and caulking because your reputation matters. Roberts are exclusive owners of tiling giant, Maxisil, supplying the brand’s entire range of high quality silicone products. Are you a #MaxisilMaster?

Maxisil Cylinder Gun H/37 310ml

Retro Fit Aluminium Angle – 20mm

Maxisil A – Ceramic Silicone

Maxisil N – Natural Stone Silicone

Maxisil P – Pool

Maxisil M

Maxisil Smoothtex A

Maxisil Smoothtex N

Maxisil Cleaner

Maxisil Mould Remover Spray

Maxisil Silicone Remover

Backer Rod

Maxisil Corner Nozzles

Maxisil Extension Nozzles

Maxisil Applicator

Maxisil Brush

Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Cutter

3 pce Pro. Finishing Tool

Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Unblocker

Primer 1215

Primer 1216

Primer 1217

Primer 1218