Maxisil Mould Remover Spray

  • Do not touch any mould
  • Spray mould remover spray from a distance of approximately 5-10cm, spray again if necessary.
  • The immediately visible change in colour indicates the destructions. Ensure good ventilation in the workplace.
  • Clean treated tile joints with water after 10 minutes.

Please Note: The bleach may cause changes in colours of textiles, carpets and woods.

Caution: Do not use mould remover spray together with other products as dangerous gases (e.g. chlorine) may be released.

Keep out of reach of Children: Rinse spray head with water after usage and turn safety cap clockwise to lock the bottle. Store safe from frost and in a cool dark place.

Contains bleaching agent with approximately 2% active chlorine, nonionic detergents, auxiliary agents.

  • Maxisil Mould Remover Spray Item Code: RDXA3008