Roberts Designs product range


Sigma Diamond Sintered Continuous Blade ART-60

Sigma J Blade ART-74C

Sigma Tile Cutter 37cm ART 7F

Sigma Tile Cutter 50cm ART 5

Sigma Tile Cutter ART5M (Mosaic)

Sigma Tile Cutter 35cm ART 6

Sigma Tile Cutter 33cm ART 7A (unpainted)

Sigma Tile Cutter 151cm ART3FM

Sigma Tile Cutter 51cm ART 2A3

Sigma Tile Cutter 66cm ART 2B3

Sigma Tile Cutter 37cm ART 2G

Sigma Tile Cutter 53cm ART 3A

Sigma Tile Cutter 67cm ART 3B4

Sigma Tile Cutter 77cm ART 3C2

Sigma Tile Cutter 95cm ART 3D2

Sigma Tile Cutter 128cm ART 3EK2

Sigma Kera Cut 300cm ART 8E

Sigma Kera Cut 151cm ART 8C

Sigma Wet Saw 75cm 3 HP motor ART10M9

Sigma Spare Wheel with axel Art-14A

Sigma Klick Klock Wheel Art-14C

Sigma Titanium Wheel 12mm Art 14T

Sigma Cutting Wheel 19mm Art 14MX suits ART 3FM/3EK

Sigma Plastic Support Art-104033

Sigma Bearing Set Art-108320

Sigma Bar Adjustable Support Screw Art-20

Sigma Complete Support Screw

Sigma Handle with Wheel

Sigma Klick Klock Handle with Wheel Art-24AK

Sigma Diagonal Arm

Sigma Square

Sigma Ruler Extension Arm Art-17

Sigma Measuring Bar Holder Art-1079111 for ART 3 Range

Sigma Locking Bolt

Sigma Nut Art-1079104 for ART 3 Range

Sigma Left Suppot Arm Art-104064 for ART 3 Range

Sigma Right Support Arm Art-104065 for ART 3 Range

Sigma Tilers Overshoes Art-45A

Sigma Carry Case Art-43 suits machines up to 75cm

Sigma Measuring Tape Art-107125 for 3B2 – 3C2 – 3D2

Kera Cut Grinder Attachment Art-38F3

Sigma Washer for ART-1073 Diamond Blade

Sigma Square Art-80A for ART 10M

Sigma Square Guide with Support Art-85G for ART 10 M

Replacement Sigma Water Tray Art-10678 for ART 10M

Spare Wheel to suit 300/400/500mm Cutter