Roberts Designs product range

Roberts Designs

Roberts Designs’ products are designed for the professional and are trusted by tilers and caulkers across the country.

All-Purpose Blade
Concrete and Pavers Blade
Hard Materials Blade
Puddle Flange Recessed
Smart Drain
Tile Insert Drain
Ultimate Smooth Finish Blade
Square Notched Plastic Adhesive Spreader
Square Notched Handy Man Adhesive Trowel
Stainless Steel Flat Maxi Grip Trowel
Stainless Steel V’ Notch Maxi Grip Trowel
Stainless Steel Square Notched Maxi Grip Trowel
Stainless Steel Square Notched Maxi Grip Trowel (Large)
Swan Neck Gauging Trowel
Splash Trowel
Paint Scraper
Notched Paint Scraper
Parrot Beak Tradesman Nippers
Pro Tile ‘GT’ Nipper
Curved Tradesman Nipper
Professional Quality Maxi Grip Grout Rake
Spare Blades for Maxi Grip Grout Rake
White Rubber Mallet
Tape Measure
Replacement Blades for Utility Knife
Utility Knife
Pocket Folding Knife (box of 6)
Paint Roller and tray
Replacement rollers for RDXT 229 – 3 pce set
Carpenters Pencil (pack of 72)
Chalk Line Reel
Blue Chalk Refill Bottle
Heavy Duty Floor Scraper
COX Pistol 400 Pro/Skel 310ml
Trade Caulking Gun
Aluminium Single Suction Cup (35kg lifting capacity)
Aluminium Dual Suction Cup (90kg lifting capacity)
Handyman Grouter
Interchangeable Blue Handle that fits all SIRI sponges and grouting attachments
Electric Glue Mixer 1400W comes with a Single Spiral Mixer
Replacement Spiral to suit Electric Glue Mixer (RDXT108)
Spiral Mixer suits screeding applications
Adhesive Mixer x 10mm Shaft (downward push)
Adhesive Mixer x 10mm Shaft (upward push)
Leveling Compound Mixer x 10mm Shaft
Hydra Tilers Slater Sponge
Hydra Tilers Square Edge Sponge
Hydra Tilers Round Edge Sponge
SIRI Yellow Epoxy Grouting Sponge (wet) ART 757
Grout Haze Square Edge Sponge
SIRI Yellow Sponge
SIRI Yellow Sponge With Cuts
SIRI Brown Sponge
SIRI Large Yellow Sponge
SIRI White Rinse Pad
SIRI Green Clean Up Pad
Roberts Designs Handyman Knee Pad
Underlay Nails 25mm
Pallet Wrap Roll
Pallet Wrap Dispenser
Clear Packaging Tape
Masking Tape
X Spacer
Deep X
T spacer
Deep T
Jumbo Wedges
L-Shape Trim – Aluminium 3m
L-Shape Trim – Brass
Diminishing Trim
Balcony Trim
Balcony Corner – Internal
Balcony Corner – External
Balcony Trim – Joiner
Round Edge
Square Edge – Trim
Square Edge – Corners
PVC Tile Trim
Premium Diamond Sintered Pin Drill
Premium Diamond Sintered Core Drill with 12mm Shank
Electroplated Diamond Pin Drill
Electroplated Diamond Core Drill
Electroplated Diamond Drill Bit 5 Piece Universal guide set
High Performance Turbo Blade
Diamond Sintered Super Thin Continuous Blade
Diamond Sintered J Blade
High Performance Continuous Blade
High Performance Turbo Blade
High Performance J Blade
High Performance Single Cup Grinding Wheel
High Performance Double Cup Grinding Wheel
High Performance Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel
Diamond Hand Pad
Roberts Designs Handyman Tile Cutter
Roberts Designs Fast Cut Tile Cutter
Power Clinker Cutter
Standard Soapholders
Standard Shelf
Ultimate Shelf
Niche Box – 332 x 372mm