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Roberts Designs Tile Spacers have a brand new look! This is still the same superior product in X Spacers, T Spacers and Wedges, but finding the size and quantity you need just got a lot easier! Shop in-store and online now.

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Must see products

Square Edge – Trim

L-Shape Trim – Aluminium 3m

SIRI Yellow Sponge

SIRI Green Clean Up Pad

SIRI White Rinse Pad

SIRI Eco Roller Wash Up Bucket

Splash Trowel

Underlay Nails 25mm

X Spacer

Straight Tradesmen Nippers

Diamond Sintered J Blade

High Performance Double Cup Grinding Wheel

Abrasive PVA Pad

Pro Tile ‘GT’ Nipper

Niche Boxes

Tile Insert Drain

Linear Grate – Square Punched

Regent Shelf & Soap Holder