Maxisil P – Pool Silicone

5mm 7mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 21mm 25mm
5mm 12.0* 8.0* 6.0*
7mm 6.0* 4.0* 3.0*
10mm 3.0* 2.5* 2.0* 1.5*
12mm 2.1* 1.7* 1.2* 1.0*
15mm 1.3* 1.0* 0.8*


*Metres per 300/310ml cartridge

Note: These values are approximate and serve as a rough guide for right-angled joints. The depth of the joints is measured to the rear of the profile.

The authorised dimensions of the joints are governed by DIN 18540. Accordingly, all exterior expansion and connection joints must have a minimum width of 10mm and a maximum width of 35mm. Up to a width of 15mm, the depth of the joint should correspond to the width. If the width of the joint exceeds 15mm, then the depth should be approx 2/3 of its width.

  • P8 Blue Item Code: RDX1004 BLUE
  • P7 Black Item Code: RDX1004B
  • P4 Grey Item Code: RDX1004G
  • P5 Ivory Item Code: RDX1004IV
  • P3 Light Grey Item Code: RDX1004LG
  • P2 Off white Item Code: RDX1004OW
  • P6 Sand Item Code: RDX1004S
  • P1 White Item Code: RDX1004W
  • P9 Clear Item Code: RDX1004C