Maxisil Wet Area


*Metres per 300/310ml cartridge

Note: These values are approximate and serve as a rough guide for right-angled joints. The depth of the joints is measured to the rear of the profile.

The authorised dimensions of the joints are governed by DIN 18540. Accordingly all exterior expansion and connection joints must have a minimum width of 10mm and a maximum width of 35mm. Up to a width of 15mm the depth of the joint should correspond to the width. If the width of the joint exceeds 15mm, then the depth should be approx 2/3 of its width.

How do I apply Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone to concrete?

If you wanted to use an acid cure or a neutral cure silicone with concrete we recommend that you use a primer which is shown in our product data sheet. We recommend polyurethane in preference to Silicone.

Can Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone be painted?

No silicone should not be painted to maintain its flexibility. (We recommend if you need to fill gaps use an acrylic sealant that can be painted over like gap filler.

Can it be used on metal?

Yes, it can be used on metals but not on bare or untreated metals.

Durability & guarantee – How long does it last?

Expansion joints are maintenance joints and built to absorb movements between different materials in the building sector therefore these should be checked frequently. Guarantee differs from each application so this cannot be generalised -Warrant only that it’s product meets their specifications.

Can it be used for expansion joints on floors?

Yes, this is specially designed for this reason in a domestic floor.

Can Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone be used on the following: swimming pools – mirrors – in showers – on marble & stone?

Only to be used in bathroom, kitchen and sanitary areas. (See product data sheet for further info.) For swimming pool use Maxisil Pool, for mirrors use special silicone for mirrors, for Natural stone use Maxisil Natural Stone.

Can I use Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone be used outside?

Yes, with its interior and exterior use, it has UV resistance and excellent weatherability.

Will Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone stop mould and fungi from appearing completely?

Our silicones have fungicides built in to resist mould appearance but once fungicides have expired mould will appear eventually and then the joint should be replaced. Regular cleaning and fresh air will extend the lifetime of the expansion joint. Through regulations, all silicone are only allowed to have a certain amount of fungicides built in therefore all products will face the same deterioration over a period of time.

Can you use Maxisil Wet Area without your recommended clean up product (Smoothtex)?

Yes, you can use water and detergent to clean up any silicone but with this option, there is always a risk of discolouration. Smoothtex is designed for the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t discolour the silicone
  • It does not attack your skin especially for people that apply silicone frequently
  • It has the best cleaning properties for these products for a professional finish

(Use only Maxisil Smoothex N especially for Maxisil Natural Stone silicone)

How long will the silicone last after I have opened it?

We recommend after use leave nozzle attached on the tube, therefore the silicone will dry slowly in the actual nozzle itself, and replace with a new nozzle for further use. Store silicone in a cool place away from sunlight and heat. The shelf life is 12 months at room temperature?

Why is your silicone more expensive than common silicone products, has it got a secret ingredient?

Our products are not designed for the D.I.Y. market but more for professional users like tilers and silicone application tradesmen who depend on quality silicone to guarantee their work. As we are similar to a micro brewery where we focus on producing a product that is the best possible quality for the market. We can boast better quality and workability that is achieved on years of experience in the European Market, where we design these products, especially for professional users. Our silicones also come in a large colour range of colours.

How many lineal meters would I expect to cover from one tube of Maxisil?

On a 5mm joint normal depth, you can expect around 7 to 10 metres.

Is there a product to remove excess silicone that has been left to dry on tiles?

No. The best thing to do use is a paint scraper for flat surfaces like tiles or bathtubs. For old silicone joints use a Stanley knife and clean up with acetone.

Can I use Maxisil to repair my gutters?

No. For gutters use a neutral cure silicone like roof and gutters from Selleys.

How long after applying Maxisil Wet Area can I use my shower?

24hrs or next day

Will solvent-based tile adhesives react with Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone?

In this particular case, we recommend doing your own testing because the compatibility depends on too many factors, such as:

  • The type of Solvent
  • Is the Adhesive fully dried out or relatively fresh?
  • The reaction between the softener from the Maxisil and the Adhesive

Why do I need to use an Applicator to apply Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone?

You don’t need to use an applicator but what else are you going to use, your fingers like some people still do! The applicator helps to make a perfect joint and is a tool to remove excess silicone, it makes a perfect finish without the use of masking tape which will save you time.

Do I need to prime the area before applying Maxisil?

Please observe primer schedule in our technical data sheet to the specified surface.

Which product do I use on Glass?

You can use Maxisil Wet Area ceramic silicone on glass.

What is the flexibility of the product?

Maxisil Wet Area 25%, Maxisil Natural Stone 20%.

What is the shelf life?

12 months at room temperature.

What is the difference between Maxisil Wet Area and Maxisil Natural Stone?

Maxisil Wet Area is an acid cure silicone recommended for all ceramic tiled areas like bathrooms and kitchen, for both interior and exterior use. Maxisil Natural Stone is a non-staining neutral cure silicone recommended for natural stone e.g granite and marble.

  • A1 Clear Item Code: RDX1000CL
  • A7 Basalt Item Code: RDX1000BAS
  • A8 Blue Grey Item Code: RDX1000BLG
  • A9 Platinum Item Code: RDX1000PLAT
  • A10 Grey Item Code: RDX1000G
  • A11 Bahama Beige Item Code: RDX1000BAHB
  • A13 Anthracite Item Code: RDX1000AN
  • A15 Aluminium Item Code: RDX1000ALU
  • A16 Black Item Code: RDX1000BL
  • A17 Alabaster Item Code: RDX1000ALA
  • A18 Stone Item Code: RDX1000STO
  • A27 MidBrown Item Code: RDX1000MBR
  • A63 Cinder Item Code: RDX1000CI
  • A72 Taupe Item Code: RDX1000TAU
  • A74 Cocoa Item Code: RDX1000COC
  • A3 Off white Item Code: RDX1000OW
  • A4 Light grey Item Code: RDX1000LG
  • A5 Mid grey Item Code: RDX1000MG
  • A6 Flash Grey Item Code: RDX1000FG
  • A32 Cotto Item Code: RDX1000COT
  • A33 Red Item Code: RDX1000R
  • A46 Snow White Item Code: RDX1000SW
  • A49 Cashmere Item Code: RDX1000CASH
  • A55 Vanilla Item Code: RDX1000V
  • A56 Pewter Grey Item Code: RDX1000PEWG
  • A60 Mocha Item Code: RDX1000MOC
  • A61 Deep Terracotta Item Code: RDX1000DTER
  • A62 Sienna Item Code: RDX1000SI
  • A29 Havana Item Code: RDX1000HAV
  • A28 Brown Item Code: RDX1000BR
  • A24 Beige Item Code: RDX1000BG
  • A23 Mid beige Item Code: RDX1000MB
  • A22 Canvas Item Code: RDX1000CAN
  • A21 Sand Item Code: RDX1000S
  • A2 White Item Code: RDX1000W
  • A20 Travertine Item Code: RDX1000TR
  • A19 Ivory Item Code: RDX1000IV