Roberts Designs product range


Maxisil – Exclusive to Roberts Designs

Our silicone and tile sealants achieve the perfect waterproof seal with our Maxisil range. This includes treatments ideal for ceramic, pool, membrane and natural stone surfaces.

Maxisil Spray Bottle
Maxisil A – Ceramic Silicone
Maxisil N – Natural Stone Silicone
Maxisil P – Pool
Maxisil M
Maxisil Smoothtex A
Maxisil Smoothtex N
Maxisil Cleaner
Maxisil Mould Remover Spray
Maxisil Silicone Remover
Backer Rod
9 carton rate (Maxisil A only)
Maxisil Extension Nozzles
Maxisil Applicator
Maxisil Brush
Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Cutter
3 pce Pro. Finishing Tool
Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Unblocker
Primer 1215
Primer 1216
Primer 1217
Primer 1218
All Stone Sealer
Aqua Guard
Heritage Finish – Penetrating Sealer
Paver and Concrete Seal
Slate Finish
Slate Seal Gloss
Slate Seal Premium
Slate Seal Satin
Spray Seal – Aerosol
Stone Shield
H.D. Degreaser
Lift Off
Slate Seal Solvent
Tile Kleen