Roberts Design product range


Achieve the perfect waterproof seal with our exclusive Maxisil range including ceramic, pool, membrane and natural stone silicone.

Maxisil A

Maxisil N

Maxisil P

Maxisil M

Maxisil Smoothtex A

Maxisil Smoothtex N

Maxisil Cleaner

Maxisil Mould Remover Spray

Maxisil Silicone Remover

Backer Rod

Maxisil Corner Nozzles

Maxisil Extension Nozzles

Maxisil Applicator

Maxisil Brush

Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Cutter

3 pce Pro. Finishing Tool

Maxisil Silicone Nozzle Unblocker

Primer 1215

Primer 1216

Primer 1217

Primer 1218